“You can recognize survivors of abuse by their courage. When silence is so very inviting, they step forward and share their truth so others know they aren’t alone.”

 ―Jeanne McElvaney

Have you ever been in a situation where you have a lot to express but no one to talk to? If we sit and think it through, we all must have.

I was always the quiet one, never felt the need to express my sorrows. I often found myself putting up a facade around people meanwhile silently fighting my inner demons. I would never express my heartfelt emotions earlier howsoever bad the situation would get.

But now it’s different.

Usually, all of us outwardly express all the other emotions in front of people except sadness. Why do we prefer to be left alone when sad? Why do we sob behind a veil? Why do we have to hide the feeling of sadness like its forbidden?

Simply just saying “I’m feeling sad” on a day when you are feeling low might sound easier said than done but it is essential.

I have become a strong believer in accepting and expressing sadness since my matrimonial separation last year. I decided to manage a situation of pain and not hide it anymore. I’m not here to tell you a disheartening saga of my separation but to encourage you to express whenever you are hurting. You could choose any medium for your mental-emotional release either maintain a daily diary journal, talk to a friend or a family member, write a blog post in your own name or share your story online anonymously.

I remember my mother from my early years being a strong believer in the famous quote “This Too Shall Pass”. This belief was passed onto me. In my teens, I came to an understanding that every situation has a survival graph. If a situation is bad its graph will go upwards at some point definitely. Patience is the key. My life’s boat survived difficult storms of suffering and heartbreak based on this belief until I got married.

The idea of Marriage made me let go of this belief.

It may sound trivial but whenever I was in a social gathering I had to put a fake smile on. I was afraid of other people’s opinions and judgements if they found out that I’m hurting.  I pretended to be happy in order to hide my pain. I was even embarrassed to tell my spouse about it fearing that he might not understand (he never did though).

This became a routine. Whenever I got hurt I wanted to suppress it as hard as I could. Has it ever happened with you that at some point you don’t even recognize yourself? I always found myself wondering would this graph of sadness will ever go upwards. Will I ever be able to see a ray of sunshine? Will I ever feel happy again?

At this point, you’d be wondering what the reasons are? Why I got hurt?

A lot more thoughts and words are on their way and you shall read them soon.

Keep reading!!

This is my first blog post. Thank you very much for your presence here.

I hope I will be able to answer all the questions coming in your mind right now in the next part. The second part is going to be posted super soon.


Do you express when you are sad? Or you hide that sadness quotient inside of you?     

I would love to hear your stories. Please share your thoughts and feelings in the comment section below.


  1. Abhilasha Dalal

    Superbb .. it’s something everyone needs to read and practice . Expressing your sorrow should be normalized without any stigma . This will improve our mental health drastically .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hope people start treating every emotion equally. Do not be ashamed of feeling sad. Take it all out. Thank you for this response Abhilasha 🙂
      Keep it coming, much appreciated!!


  2. amit2click

    Very well expressed.
    While most of us try only to suppress our pain, your blog will definitely inspire a lot of readers to express their feelings and courageously come out of this mental trauma.
    I look forward to your next post as this blog resonates my own feelings and in a way I would be able to express better.
    God Bless !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I intend to do exactly what you have mentioned in your comment. Thank you very much for reading Amit. I’m glad if this post and the next ones will help in any way to encourage you to express your feelings.
      I appreciate the feedback 🙂 Keep it coming and i shall keep on writing.
      Stay tuned for the next part. Thank you!


    1. I hope i was able to put across a tiny bit of that obvious which you have mentioned. Thank you very much for reading Prateek and for the response.
      Keep it coming 🙂 and i’m glad you’re looking forward for the next part.
      Stay tuned and thank you once again!


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  4. I believe in the phrase ‘this too shall pass’. But, inside us, this ‘too’, ‘shall’ and pass have different amount of battles to be fought with our patience and feelings. Isn’t it? How do you or everyone here deal with the moment when you want a thing in your favour and you see it going away from you and away and away. How do you deal with this?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, I can only comment about myself, learnt from all the experiences I’ve had till now, ‘letting go’ is the only option you have in such kind of situations. Just like sand, the more you try to hold it in your hand, the more it will slip.. And as I have mentioned this lately, everyone has their battles to fight but sharing and expressing your innermost feelings might just help sometimes.

      Thank you for the feedback Nikhil 🙂


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