A Soldier’s Poem by Ava Douglan (Book Review #1)

I am so delighted to showcase my first ever Book Review under the Book Review Program by NetGalley (really glad to have gotten this opportunity).

Cover Page of the E-book

A Soldier’s Poem by Ava Douglan is a novel that divulges a tale of time travel romance with magical fantasies.

Jack Ellison Wills (the male protagonist), a history professor waiting for his tenure review at the University of Saint Alban State, inherited a vintage book shop by the name of The Literate Jester in Frederick, Maryland from his late Uncle Charlie.

Benetta Tolland (the female protagonist), a soldier from the era of Civil War time travelled only to find the real truth of her existence. 

The Literate Jester, the bookstore, is it filled with just the books or some treasure hidden amongst them? How did Benetta time travel? Do Jack and Benetta fall in love with each other? If yes, then did they live happily ever after? If I say that a small thing as a Bookmark changed their life altogether? Would you believe me? To know the answers to all of the above questions, I would strongly recommend this book.

In a book of over 200 pages, I am amazed at how beautifully Ava Douglan has managed to write sweet romantic encounters between the two major characters, Jack and Benetta with the aim to keep the suspense alive in terms of the hidden treasure of the bookstore.

The story is quite intriguing, as you would flip through the pages you would want to finish it in one go. That’s what I did. This book kept me enthralled.

Also, I found the writing style to be quite smooth and captivating. Although I had to read a few paragraphs twice, it would be unfair to mention that the author’s vocabulary is to die for.

In my opinion, this is a novel of the times of the past meeting the times of the future whilst romancing and living the times of the present.

I would like to give this book a good 4-star rating out of 5.

The book in the paperback version will be available on 26th September, 2019. You can check out the book on Amazon and NetGalley by clicking on the links below (Kindle Version is available on the Amazon though).


You could also check out my review (as a member) on NetGalley and Goodreads by clicking on the links below.


Please do read the book. Share your thoughts, if any in the comments section below.

Thank you very much for your presence here. 🙂

A lot more thoughts and words are on their way and you shall read them soon.

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