City of Nine Gates by Pankaj Rajput (Book Review #2)

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Cover Page of the Paperback Version

As soon as I read the title of the book City of Nine Gates, the first thought came in my mind was, would the author talk about a city comprising nine gates to enter and exit? Or is it a metamorphic reference to something anglo-Vedic or spiritual as the genre of the book is Vedic Fiction.

The storyline of this book is based on an educationalist billionaire, Gyan, the male protagonist who is a historian at heart. His archaeological enthusiasm leads him to a city hidden underneath a Temple. A temple of the Gods which is cursed as exclaimed by the villagers nearby. This information lights the lantern of curiosity in Gyan and instead of leaving this excavation, he wants to know more about this city.

As Gyan journeys ahead in this expedition and the rendezvous with the sages of both the School of Thoughts – Advait and Sankhya, inside the Temple, it is revealed that he is the Chosen One but in what respect? 

Standing on the dais at an Award function Gyan is about to give his speech after collecting his award as the ‘Best Entrepreneur of the Year’, he finds himself on the ground after an explosion of light and sound. The Aftermath of the explosion places him in a different and an unknown place, later to be left by a sage at the entrance of a mythical and a mystical city.

As the story progresses, it reveals the truths and meaningful descriptions of many terms which we as humans tend to neglect in our day to day life. Gyan, in that mysterious city full of secrets and revelations, finds himself making new friends along his way. Explorations of the different regions, gatekeepers and the Vedic meaning and essence of their presence furthermore take Gyan on an enlightenment journey. 

I found the writing style of Pankaj Rajput (the author) to be very descriptive and elaborative. To fully understand the meaning of every word as there are a lot of Sanskrit words written in the book of 308 pages, the reader must possess the virtue of patience. Although the Glossary at the end of the book works as a saviour. 

The author’s extensive research on topics like Metaphysics, Mother Nature and Spirituality unknowingly made him repeat certain things which made it a lengthy read. In my opinion, it would have been an easy read had it been published in two parts, keeping the intrigue alive in the readers to have picked up the second part as well. 

I would like to give a 3-star rating out of 5 for this book and would recommend this book as it is like an encyclopaedia of self-enlightenment journey that one should indulge in this time and era.

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