Once Upon a Crush By Kiran Manral (Book Review #3)

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Cover Page of the Paperback Version

Once upon a crush as the title itself is evidence of a yet another clichéd lovable romantic tale by Kiran Manral. The book’s storyline resonates with many independent working women living in another city different from their native ones to make a mark in a society majorly run by the patriarchs. 

This is a story of a woman, Rayna De, the female protagonist, originally from Kolkata, working hard to earn her bread and butter in Mumbai, almost thirty, far beyond the marriageable age; as the society perceives it with no love interest around her, reeling her way through life (as most of us know how it is).

The story starts with Pixie aka Madhu Agarwal, who is Rayna’s best friend, her confidant, her partner in crime, her soul sister, decides to pay her a visit for a few days as she wants to take a break from this non-stop search for a perspective boy for her to get married to by her parents. 

Rayna’s frustration about Aparajita (the evil boss woman), the indifferent and rude behaviour towards Rayna and the confused state of mind of a budding crush on a superior from another department, Deven Ahuja, simmers down a bit with the news of Pixie’s arrival. Her visit gives the two of them (Rayna & Pixie) many opportunities to rejoice moments of being socially active and not think about the problems at hand (at least that’s what they thought). 

Rayna’s confusion increases further when the parents want her to meet a boy, Sudhendu Bose aka Sid, with a fancy job at a fund management firm settled in a classy home in one of the posh gated societies of South Mumbai. Sid is well mannered, chivalrous, he is the perfect definition of an eligible boy for marriage; every parent’s desire.

All of Rayna’s unanswered questions are answered as the story progresses further. Will she take any step and talk to Aparajita about her evilness? Pixie’s spending time with her will resolve anything? Should she for once without being fidgety around Deven, reveal about her huge crush on him? Will she listen to her heart or her parent’s heart to choose her life partner?  

Once Upon A Crush is a book under the genre of Contemporary Fiction with 224 pages in total. I found the writing style of the author, Kiran Manral, to be very imaginative and full with descriptions of the characters in detail. You would find various Hollywood famous movie references whilst you are engrossed in the story which makes it all the more interesting if you are a movie buff as I am. 

I would like to give a 3.5-star rating out of 5 for this book. The amount of heavy words is tremendous, you would finish it in one go if you are an avid reader. I would recommend sitting with a dictionary if you’re a beginner in this beautiful journey of book reading.

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