In the midst of reading books for reviews, travelling for work, meeting people and friends, going through hell and high water (health-wise) I found my peace in this chaos when a boy smiled at me while waiting to board my flight at the airport.

You all must be thinking how ordinary that is? Let me unfold details.

My sister in law and I were in the waiting area (blame our punctuality skills) at the airport engrossed in our talks, laughing out loudly. One differently-abled boy walked right past us, smiled and said “Hello” to me. Out of over 100 people present there, he wanted to exchange pleasantries with me. Anyone else must’ve felt very awkward but I didn’t. I passed out from a school which encouraged the idea of teaching kids with special needs plus working in the education business for nearly 2 years now gave me that confidence on how to interact with these kids. This boy wanted to sit beside the both of us but his father made him sit in front but he was one chirpy adamant boy; extended his hand to us for support and sat with us. This boy (I don’t know his name) has a speech problem, skin abrasions (eczema is my guess), he couldn’t walk properly (support of crutches were needed), must be suffering from many other problems which I’m unaware of at this time.

He had an iPad filled with video games and I guessed it right, he wanted to show off his skills in the gaming arena where I am challenged completely (not video game savvy at all). When he learnt about my lack of knowledge in the games onscreen, he was much elated to show off even more. He had his eye on me whether I am paying attention to him or not; whenever he caught me staring at him and his iPad, he smiled even more graciously…

This one incident is stuck in my head!

Out of all the people out there at the airport why this boy smiled at me? He could have sat anywhere else, many seats were vacant but why he insisted to sit with me? All of these questions were circling in my head while he was busy playing his video game.

I felt a sense of guilt and loss. I realised that in the daily hustle of fulfilling my mission in life and going through hardships, I tend to forget, appreciate and value such small incidents that make me smile from within. The idea of being compassionate with others even if they are strangers is what this boy taught me in those few seconds.

As rightly said by Carl Sandburg – “Poetry is a packsack of invisible keepsakes”.

This moment made me write one. Here goes…

We humans are social creatures with bones,

came into existence all alone,

how to function alone is yet unknown,

with that almost perfect of a jawbone,

occupied in soul embellishment,

with materialistic rhinestones,

only to end the journey in a tombstone.

All of us are limited in the time we find for ourselves to relax, unwind and rejuvenate. Take out some time for yourself; aloof from worldly attractions and disturbances; keep those social media devices on silent mode; close your eyes and value these small incidents in life, you will find a genuine smile and an enlightened heart just by doing nothing. Whether its five minutes or half-hour, duration doesn’t matter, appreciation and reminiscing of these sweet memories do.

I would love to hear your stories. Please share your thoughts and feelings in the comment section below.  

Thank you very much for your presence here 🙂

A lot more thoughts and words are on their way and you shall read them soon.

2 thoughts on “SWEET KEEPSAKES!

  1. It happens all the time Kanika, it’s only that people don’t pay enough attention they are all so engrossed in their own self and the worldly affairs that such beautiful moments just pass by without being noticed. Great observation and beautiful narration.

    Liked by 1 person

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