Love Burns (Fable #1)

HER heart burns with the number of colour variations of the purest form of love she has within her to paint his life’s canvas into a beautiful painting. Whenever she lifts her eyelashes to look at him, her heart skips a beat. She wants to drown in the ocean of emotions and love that is hidden behind that deep gaze he holds whenever their eyes meet.

Her fingers tremble at the thought of writing something for him when he’s not around. Longing to see him again and admittance of her love to him leaves her hollow every minuscule second she spends thinking about it. No single day goes by in thinking about the ways to tell him how much she adores him.

Stargazing, lost in the view, sitting cosily in her home’s balcony, deep in thoughts, puzzled & piqued, fear & tears in her eyes, sweat & fret all over, she manages to write a few lines for HIM.

Ohh my Love!!

Situations that made you stern, don’t return,

let me be your harmony which you yearn,

I too am scared of that fatal heartburn,


would you come save me if I crack & burn?

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