To Be Read – An Anthology (Book Review #4)


Cover Page of the E-book

An anthology of short stories created by Blogchatter is a compilation of 17 short stories of different genres like Contemporary, Drama, Horror, Romance, Sci-Fi, etc. 

Highlights include “The Shadow of Someone” by Leha Divakar, an alluring tale of a woman that has everything in respect of money, beauty, elegance yet she is unhappy. Although it’s of Horror Genre, I found it to be more in lines of mystery. This one is my personal favourite as much as it seems descriptive it will leave you wanting for more.

A Step Back” by Rashi Roy and “Just Like That” by Huma Masood focuses on strong and independent women who struggled in life. The former is a story of a widowed pregnant woman, Sushma, left alone in the hospital as her immediate family did not care about her whereabouts. With her baby girl setting foot in this world, her own world witnessed an apocalypse. In the latter, the story unfolds the nuances of a single woman working in Delhi away from her home. How she confuses a prospective groom to be with an assaulter whom she met on her train journey back from Lucknow (her hometown).

As soon as I started reading, “Unrequited Love” by Anupriya Gupta, I thought yet another love story of two humans in this compilation but my thoughts were proven wrong. The emptiness of living alone makes, Jessica, the character, fall in love with the idea of an ideal man in the face of a robot.

As opposed to the rhythmic style of writing for quick reading all these stories seem to be unpolished and elongated with a lot of grammatical errors. In “The Marriage Proposal” by Dr Bushra Nausheen, I got bored as the placement of the names of the characters was very confusing with various other small mistakes in the writing. Some of the stories were short to fully achieve their intended purpose, though, “Yuvraj Singh & A 90s Kid” by Paresh Godhwani which elicits a biographical story of a boy who loves cricket and is a dedicated follower of Yuvraj Singh, the cricketer, was very elaborative stealing away the purpose of a short story.

When it came to my attention that these stories were an attempt by the participants for a creative writing e-course, I didn’t read them further critically. Featuring themes of love, deceit, friendship and family, this collection of short stories is a fresh and a fair attempt.

If you would like to grab your copy and have a go at it, you could click the link below.

I would like to give a 2.5-star rating out of 5 for this one. I am really grateful to the entire team of Blogchatter especially one person, Sona Grover for giving me this opportunity. If you would like to register yourself and get all excited to wait for this kind of opportunity to come your way, then please do register yourself for the Book Review Program by Blogchatter.

Please do read the book and share your thoughts, if any in the comments section below.

Thank you very much for your presence here. 🙂

A lot more thoughts and words are on their way and you shall read them soon.

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