Yakshini by Neil D’Silva (Book Review #5)


Cover Page of the Paperback Version

I am not much of a fan of anything related to the Horror Genre, be it a movie, web series or any book. Despite being very skeptical in the beginning when asked to do a review for a book, a mix of Horror and Mythological Genre, I completed this one cover to cover whilst travelling. A good experience altogether.

Yakshini by Neil D’Silva, yet another novel fell in my lap which focuses on one of the major problems faced by many women all around the globe; men falling at their feet mesmerized by the outer beauty, not paying any heed to their inner beauty.

This is a story set in the 90s about a girl, Meenakshi Patil, a teenager, born as the seventh child in a household of Vatgaon, a small village in Maharashtra, growing up physically at a rapid pace comparable to her other sisters, the reason of which is unknown to all. Her unpleasant encounters with numerous men from all walks of life as she grows up annoys the Yakshini; the demigod, the epitome of beauty, living inside Meenakshi’s body because of a curse.

As you would read along the 264 pages comprising four parts namely, the sapling, the blossom, the seed, the withering, you would fall in love with the writing style of the author plus if you are an analytical reader, you would understand what message the author, Neil D’Silva is trying to portray through his words.

As you would finish with the second part, you would feel all the emotions of love, friendship, respect, jealousy, confusion and banishment, at once; just in replication with both Meenakshi and Yakshini.

Although, in my opinion, I couldn’t fathom how the third part was filled with details about the entertainment ongoings in Alakapuri, the land of the Demigods. I thought it was stretched a little, made me leave out a few words to read ahead.

I would like to give a well deserving 4-star rating out of 5 for Yakshini. Not disclosing details any further this time I would strongly recommend all of you to buy your copy and indulge in an enchantment yourself without being scared considering it’s Horror Genre. Yakshini is by far one of my favourite reads by an Indian Author.

You could check out and grab your copy of the book (paperback version) on Amazon.

You could also read my review on Goodreads and Amazon.

Please share your thoughts, if any in the comments section below.

Thank you very much for your presence here. 🙂

A lot more thoughts and words are on their way and you shall read them soon.

PS : I would like to thank the team of Blogchatter for yet again giving me an opportunity like this, especially to Sona Grover. I’m also very elated at the moment as the author, Neil D’Silva, loved the way that I have written the review. A big and a cheerful Thank you to all of you! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Yakshini by Neil D’Silva (Book Review #5)

  1. Hey, Kanika it’s such a nice coincidence, I too did the review for this book. It was a great read and enjoyed reading it. I have recommended “BUY” with 4/5 rating. You have written a good review without divulging much. Keep writing 🙂

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