Love Requires Courage (Fable #2)

HE was daydreaming when SHE entered.

Irhan as always the first one seated in class, a simple boy from Punjab aspiring to become a Company Secretary, taking coaching in Delhi. He was busy in conversation with his mind making plans about the future when he heard footsteps. Someone was approaching the class; his eyes were glued to the entrance door. He took a backbench as he is an introvert, lost in his world and doesn’t want to be seen among people sort of a person.

He had a whiff of sunflowers from a distance, the anticipation of who the person might be made his heart beat faster than he ever could imagine. A girl, skin like porcelain with long lustrous black hair, stood about 5 – foot – 8 inches tall and smelt of sunflowers entered the class. Irhan could not see her properly; her head was bowed down as she riffled through belongings in her bag. She then lifted her head with some papers in her hand. Irhan noticed her big almond-shaped beautiful black eyes perfectly lined with kohl. He had seen many young attractive girls in his life but there was something inexplicably different about her; secretly Irhan longed to have this girl in his life. His eyes followed her as she walked and took a seat in the front.

Two souls sitting in a classroom waiting for others to arrive, without exchanging pleasantries with each other wondering who’s going to speak first, created awkwardness in the environment. The harmony in their respective worlds was disturbed when someone informed them about the class being cancelled.

Irhan noticed the disgust on her face soon after this information was given. She was mumbling something; he could notice annoyance in her big expressive sparkling eyes; she then started to pack her things to leave. Irhan had to do something; he can’t see her leave without knowing her name at least but he was a shy person, how he could have even spoken to a stranger who is a goddess with these bold & beautiful, fiery yet innocent black eyes; a pair of eyes he hasn’t seen thus far in his mere existence on this planet.

“These people are very careless in informing kids about the timings, it is so annoying. Hello, my name is Irhan, what’s yours?”, he finally managed to speak a few words.

 The girl stirs and her eyelids flitters to look at Irhan.

 “Yes, it is. Hello to you too, I’m Naina.”

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