Love is a Sweet Poison (Fable #3)

As the cold weather announced its arrival with the advent of the windy breeze, he wanted to announce the beginning of a happy time with her entrance in his life, but somehow withheld his words. Dropping her back to her home; lost in thoughts and mesmerized by her presence, he was completely in shock. Met her for the first time and talked over phone for less than ten days, he wondered how he could get so comfortable with someone in such a short time-span. How could he feel such peacefulness and calmness just by holding her hand? The softness and the warmth of her hand made him feel complete.

The Silence fell upon them as he parked his car just near to her house. He caressed her hand affectionately then he lifted her hand to his lips and kissed it tenderly never taking his eyes away from her face. Something in her quivered, her cheeks turned to a crimson red colour, her entire body shivered a little. She could not meet his eyes afraid of finding something in them that might overpower her. Just as she went a little off track in her mind, he leaned in and planted a gentle kiss on her cheek. Her lips curved into a meek sweet smile at feeling the touch of his lips on her cheek. She wanted to melt in that small wave of tenderness all over again that she felt from his lips on her skin.

She turned towards him, removed her specs, asked him to come closer and kissed his lips softly. He then cradled the back of her head with his hand and drew her mouth closer to deepen the kiss. Right then his arms slip around her waist and pulled her more closely. His tightened grip made her swallow hard but deep inside she simply adored his hold. She loved how he touched her with that sense of belongingness as his hands travelled from her waist to the contours of her lower back up till her shoulders. Her eyes were half-closed with desire and passion but her mind completely blown with the smooth wave of comfort that engulfed her. She then touched his face and smelled his masculinity while breathing heavily as droplets of perspiration ran down her spine.

Suddenly, he enveloped her in a tight embrace. All her pain, sorrows and worries soothed as soon as he hugged her. She wanted to siege the moment right there and would want to indulge in the inexplicable intoxication forever.

Her heart still burning with his touch and kiss, she bid him goodbye for the night believing that this is not the end, but a sweet beginning of something extraordinary. This whole experience was a much-needed respite from her loveless existence thus far since her last heart-breaking debacle.

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