Midwinter Turns To Spring by Maria Veloso (Book Review #8)

Cover Page of the Book as on Amazon

Midwinter Turns To Spring is a book filled with romance and valuable relationships intricacies, a unique book which I came across that comes with its own musical soundtrack CD. These songs are detrimental to the novels’ plot, therefore, reveals the soul of the storyline in their lyrics co-written by the author, Maria Veloso herself. 

The book begins with the Prologue set in the year 2003, in the voice tone of Cassidy Hamilton, a young paralegal working in San Francisco. She happens to move in the same Victorian apartment in the pacific area of San Francisco where the female protagonist of the book, Savannah Curtis stayed twenty-six years ago. Upon finding a journal hidden in the drawer of a cabinet in the house, Cassidy comes to know about the events happened years ago concerning the life of Savannah Curtis, an art consultant and an artist.

As the story proceeds further, the character of Alfonso Madrigal, the male protagonist, a Flamenco Guitarist from Spain is introduced in the backdrop style of storytelling. In the year 1977, Alfonso Madrigal attends a lecture on ‘The Hidden Masterpieces of Pablo Picasso’ to either learn something about the nuances of art and paintings or to find someone to help him authenticate a painting he has bequeathed by his late grandmother. He gets acquainted with Savannah Curtis after that lecture and requests her to authenticate the painting. As you read along with the pages, you would be awestruck as was I, with each chapter revealing a small but utmost important insight about relationships whether about friendship, family, father-daughter bonding or matters related to romance.

At first, it may seem yet another clichéd romantic love story but I found the book to be written quite differently compared to other romantic novels in terms of the writing style of the author. Very rarely you come across a book where the story is told from the viewpoints of the two main characters. 

Midwinter Turns To Spring is one such book which will throw light on the emotions and feelings felt by both Savannah and Alfonso (the female and the male protagonist respectively) as the plot takes numerous twists and turns. Maria Veloso, the author, managed to build the narrative extremely captivating with justice done to descriptions about the various events involving the other characters as well. 

If I may say so, this book could and should be on the reading list of everyone who have had experienced heartbreaks, who have lost faith in God & Love, and artists from different creative fields. Reading the book in one go might have made me miss out on perhaps one or two typo errors nonetheless the book was exceptionally flawless.

I would strongly recommend this as an essential read once in a lifetime at least. I have kept my copy very close to be read repeatedly.

I would give a good 3-star rating out of 4 for this book. 

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