Time Guard – The Awakening by Anmol Batra (Book Review #10)

Cover Page of the Paperback Version

Time Guard – The Awakening by Anmol Batra is a book about the protagonist Arjun’s ability to travel as a soul both backward and forward in time. Do people like him exist in this world? Have you ever come across someone like Arjun or heard a time-travel story? 

Swati, the female protagonist, a young corporate when receives a few letters during her office hours mentioning the exact date and time to open them, she is shocked to the core. Some letters include a few sketches about the happenings in her life at the exact time when she is asked to open those envelopes. Upon finding the truth about the person responsible behind those envelopes is Arjun, her junior in the office and the reason behind sending those letters to her, she agrees to help him in the journey to save his sister Ankita from a life-threatening situation. 

The plot simultaneously covers various aspects like insights about human relationships and socio-political situations during the timeline mentioned in the story. How certain mishaps could be avoided in this world if a person can see the future and skillfully uses this ability is also fairly narrated in this book. I found the sketches included in various chapters to be very helpful in understanding the plot in a better way. 

I read this book cover to cover in one sitting as the story-line is fast-paced and intriguing with every chapter unfolding the mystery. I could teleport to the exact scene while reading about it, the narration is quite impressive and the writing style of the author is very descriptive. Anmol Batra, the author knows how to keep the reader hooked onto the plot without any hindrances. In my opinion, this book has the potential to be sold to a big publishing house and gain fame. However, the only hindrance I feel being a self-published book is the poor editing and the size of the font which makes it a little difficult to continue with enthusiasm. 

The way the story-line of Time Guard – The Awakening reaches its end with leaving the space for the second part of the series to fill is very appreciative. I would be waiting for the second part to get published soon.

I would like to give a 4-star rating out of 5 for this book.

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