The Patriot’s Legacy: Forbidden Treasure by Apurva Bhuta (Book Review #11)


Cover Page of the Paperback Version

The Patriots’ Legacy: Forbidden Treasure is a book about seven architecture & archaeology enthusiasts who are on a quest to explore a treasure of the patriots that have been hidden since centuries. The ancestors of these seven young adventurers were part of the core group originally and they passed down this enthusiasm to their descendants. 

In the history of human civilization most likely before the period of 1600 AD, a set of people who were architects and archaeologists secretly formed a group and called themselves ‘The Patriots’. These people used to work with the Rulers, Kings & Pharaohs and decided to revolt as they felt the selfishness of these rulers to gather money from the common people isn’t a fair practice. These group of Patriots went underground when the rulers started hunting them down. They left some clues about this treasure in their respective countries in the hope that someday their descendants would be able to discover this hidden treasure.

Linda, Mohammed, Jenny, Aaron, Teressa, Michael and Vishal across various countries forming the group of ‘The Young Patriots’ unravel the various clues to trace the location of the treasure hidden initially unaware that an underworld don is interested in the same. The storyline is like a maze to be solved by the reader until you reach its end. Everything is revealed till you reach its last page yet the author, Apurva Bhuta has kept a little bit of suspense intact. 

To hold the reader’s intrigue through words is an art that a very few of the authors especially Indian authors are good at. However, the only problem, in my opinion, is when a self-published book such as this one is released in the market, the editing of the same should be done thoroughly. I found the writing style to be very informal and not proper grammatically as well which was the only hindrance I faced while reading. If the editing and proofreading of the book could be in more of a professional way then this book is worthy of reaching ‘the bestseller stack’. 

I would strongly recommend this book as a light read and for people who are treasure-hunt story lovers full of secrets & mysteries as I am. 

I would like to give a 3.5-star rating out of 5 for this book.

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