Love isn't an Excuse (Fable #4)

Cheerful greetings all across the first floor of a café filled with giggles and laughter gave a chill down her spine as she stood at the entrance of the café. Zabrina was nervous to the core knowing that her ex-boyfriend would also be present in this school reunion party. She was frightened to confront her own demons for the first time in her life. She could sense some tension in the air as soon as she set foot in the sitting area. Everyone’s eyes were on her as an eagle eyes its prey. She could feel everyone accusing her of her ex’s sorrows whereas the entire situation was unknown to all. She had a hunch that this would happen, yet she wanted to attend this reunion party to make her feel stronger.

Awkwardly sitting alone in a room full of people and not finding a chance to strike a conversation is the most dreadful thing in the world. She then saw a tall, dark, gorgeous looking man with a beard well maintained sitting nicely on his face, a sight for her sore eyes and soul. She couldn’t take her eyes off of him. He was wearing the simplest of clothes any man could ever wear. A plain white T-shirt comfortably fitting his torso with straight fit jeans and white sneakers to match with the tee colour. His simplicity made her eyes glued on him. Zabrina recognized him as he was moving around to greet other people in the room but failed to place his name.

After a while, when Zabrina was getting acquainted with most of her classmates throwing her awkwardness out of the window, this charming looking man came up to her and asked her Instagram id to confirm that it was hers. She was taken aback to know that he already knew her id and came straight to the point without the formal greetings first. Shockingly mesmerized by his aura and his perfume she could only just manage to utter a meek “Yes” to his question. She recalled his name after this brief & sweet encounter.

Shreyas was the quiet art enthusiast who used to be an introvert fellow in the class, always used to sit in one corner minding his own business. Zabrina doesn’t remember talking to him ever in the school as she used to be consistently the busy one dancing around as a school choreographer. Hoe gorgeous this man is now made Zabrina ponder how he was back then in school. Coming back to the present scenario with Shreyas’s presence in the room, she could feel everything under control and her paranoia at ease. Her eyes followed his every move. She couldn’t take her eyes off of him, and she was helpless in doing anything about it. As time passed by a streak of sadness creeped in her. At that point in time, the call came.

It was time to cease all of this Cinderella charade and return to reality. With a heavy heart, she bid goodbyes to every person whom she met after such a long time. She gave one look in the direction where Shreyas was standing in a hope that he would be attentive of her departure. She felt relieved to see the sadness in Shreyas’s eyes to see her leave. His eyes gave Zabrina the comfort which she didn’t get in the past few years.

Zabrina left the café with an unknown feeling in her heart which put her in a troubled state of mind, furthermore. She was lost in her thoughts when the car arrived in which she was supposed to sit. As soon as she sat in the car, her trail of thoughts was disturbed when she heard the man’s voice sitting next to her steering the car. “How was the reunion baby?” asked Zabrina’s husband, to whom she could only mutter, “It was good.” With no further conversation till the destination made her jump back to her world of thoughts wondering how different her life would be if she had met Shreyas earlier than today.  

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