The Chemical Drones by Hashwrite (Book Review #14)

Cover Page of the Kindle Version

The chemical drones is a fun children’s book and this is my first time doing a review of this genre which proved out to be a breath of fresh air. This book is about fourth-graders, pretty mature than their age, very smart and intelligent as it seems by the narrative. These children help their one friend who makes a mistake of disturbing the school’s decorum and because of that, the entire class was instructed by teachers to not participate in an inter-school competition. 

The plot throws light on a group of 5 friends wherein each one of them has a different set of skill and character that comes in handy when they’re tested on the grounds of friendship, teamwork and hard work. I had the opportunity to read its kindle version however I would want to read its paperback version forthwith. This book, the chemical drones illustrates beautiful and colourful illustrations along with the words which are quite fascinating. 

It’s a light read with the writing so simple, no grammatical or typographical errors and the narrative to the point wherein there’s no confusion either about the characters description or the storyline. Both the authors, Preeta Chandran and Pankaj Kumar Saxena, Hashwrite have done a tremendous job. By far, this is the simple and the best book that I have had the opportunity to read. Also, I would want to recommend this book for children of the same age, parents to buy this book for your child/children and for people who would want to relive their school-going childhood days. 

I would like to give this book a good 5-star rating.

You could check out and grab your copy of the book (Paperback and the Kindle version) on Amazon. The paperback version isn’t available right now (amid the covid19 situation) but you could buy the kindle version like I did.

You could also read my review on Goodreads and Amazon.

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