Burn Zones: Playing Life’s Bad Hands by Jorge P. Newbery (Book Review #15)

Cover Page of the Book as on Amazon

Burn Zones by Jorge P. Newbery is a memoir/autobiography of author’s fascinating life story of how he faces challenges since he was a child because he wanted to own a record company of his own. At the age of 8, he decides to run papers as a paperboy in his local neighbourhood. At 11, he starts selling ice cream on a cart and then becomes a busboy. Furthermore, he takes cycling as a hobby but becomes a professional cyclist because he is a risk-taker and loves experimenting.

The author throughout the pages in the book prominently mentions the word “Burn Zones” many times, the word generally means ‘the time which we all go through in our lives frequently wherein we all have to put in that extra effort to excel’. The title suits the storyline perfectly, especially when from being a professional cyclist he decides to become a finance/loan manager and a property developer.

The fast-paced book stands out as an autobiography because the plot drips with instances of perseverance and hard work. The narrative is empathetic and humorous especially when every time Newberry has to correct his father from calling him “Jorgie” and not “Jorge”.

Also, if you are a reader who learns something from every book that you read then this might be the one only if you could read between the lines. There are some learnings that one could take by reading this book that the Newberry has mentioned as the warning signs, for instance when he takes one decision blinded by the gleam of owning a record company one day, lands him in a pool of debt.

Being a struggling entrepreneur myself, I could relate to the hardships mentioned all along in this book but I could not refrain from pointing out the shortcomings in Newberry’s writing. Although the writing style is quite simple and easy to understand but there is no connection between the chapters, it feels as if the information is merely thrown on the paper for the readers to read. A few of the times I felt the chapters are devoid of emotions and I lost the interest to read furthermore with the similar enthusiasm with which I started the book as I love reading autobiographies.

All things considered, I felt the conclusion not as per my liking and I would like to give this book a 2-star rating out 4.

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