IF WE LAST: After Crossing a Light-year by Ishita Banik (Book Review #16)

Cover Page of the Kindle Version of the Book

This book’s plot has the story narrated from three character’s perspective. Reyansh, Mahika and Avipsa. Reyansh, an Engineer from Mumbai whereas Avipsa, a college student from Kolkata, unfortunately, Mahika’s introduction isn’t clearly mentioned. When Avipsa visits Mumbai for a family get-together, there she meets with Reyansh. Although Reyansh vouches that Mahika was the ‘one’ nonetheless he becomes fond of Avipsa after their meeting. The plot foresees as Reyansh needs Avipsa to show him the path towards a light to overcome the darkness that he had been living with after his heart broke. Both of them continue to develop a meaningful bond until both of them progress further professionally with Avipsa getting a job in Bangalore and Reyansh still in Mumbai.

Avipsa’s life gets entangled with an unknown stalker as soon as she moves to Bangalore for work, this person somehow manages to mess with her personal life ultimately affecting her mental health. She tries by doing various things to get a hold of the person but no success. Will Reyansh aid her in this? Will she be able to sort out this mess?

The title of the book doesn’t justify the storyline. I was surprised to see how a title with words like ‘Light Year’ wouldn’t be about science or fantasy fiction. When a plot is written keeping three characters in mind, readers like me would expect to see that character in the whole storyline and not altogether vanish abruptly. In my opinion, the entire story goes haywire all throughout its pages. The author has tried to use good vocabulary which I thought was unnecessary and wasn’t demanded to keep the narrative in mind.

Ishita Banik, the author has attempted to entwine romance with a thriller storyline which is appreciated, however, the particular thing that irked me the entire time while reading this book is the bad proofreading and editing job done. The tense formation of the sentences is so poor which alters the meaning of her emotions which she wanted to portray through the characters. Her narration was confusing and the climax will make you feel incomplete and dumbfounded. I would strongly recommend a superb constructive editing job undertaken on the storyline and then re-publish the book to captivate more readers.

I would like to give a 2-star rating out of 5 for this one.

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