Kindness is Scarce!

We interact with so many people every day, in traffic, in cafes, in restaurants, at our workplace and digitally as well. If you walk down the sidewalk in any major city or contact anyone online, you will realise that you walk past hundreds of people on an ordinary day (physically or digitally).

The next time you do this, look at them like really look at them. Concentrate.

Every single one of them has had his/her heart tear out at one point in their lives. You will never know what other people are dealing with, everyone has their own battles to fight. The least you could do is BE KIND.

Kindness is not an act of portraying your forbidden vulnerable side but just the opposite. Showing kindness to someone who requires it or just generally when in conversation with people or when you meet them is a source of strength. You may not realize the power of kindness at the beginning but as you move up the hierarchy whether professionally or personally age-wise, you will gradually realize it.

Presently in this era, people live in their own bubble; they exist just to fake it to make it but I fail to understand the destination that they have to reach or who do they want to impress or how do they fake it effortlessly?

It is not always possible to know why people act the way they do but I assure you that you will feel better if you give people the benefit of the doubt more often.

When in doubt, just be kind.

It doesn’t cost anything to be kind.

In the past, I have been labelled a woman full of attitude, rude, stuck-up b**ch, timid, naïve, unassertive, insensitive, scared, less outgoing, dogmatic, immature and what not. By default, it’s the human tendency to get hurt as soon as you overhear someone trash-talk about you. Which is exactly what I felt. I historically took these harsh words straight to my heart which wasn’t sound and I wasn’t supposed to do. It became my habit to start a fight (words one of course) with people who tirelessly evaluate me by what I say and not by my actions. I was wounded hence I tried to distance myself from people by getting rid of my feelings completely and run in the opposite direction.

Of late, whomsoever I’ve met whether out there in the world or in the world of computers, they (he/she) have tried to be territorial and judgemental as soon as we’ve come in contact (the first stage of encounter itself). Somehow, they believe that they have this right on me to ask about my ordinary routines, to take care of me without even me asking for it or intrude in my private space.

And I utterly dislike people who tend to say that it’s a ‘kind gesture’ to ask but correct me if I’m wrong, how could intrusion of privacy be appropriate and similar to caring for someone (and remind you; these are people who I’ve just met.)???

This state of people getting super comfy and somehow trying to make me realise that somewhere I’m mistaken in pointing out that all of this is wrong when they are the ones living in DENIAL irks me to the core.

Respect and Kindness are like the two siblings who love & respect each other unconditionally and would die in another’s absence. Every human being on this planet Earth should try to respect themselves first only then they can respect the others.

A person kind to himself/herself will be able to value its meaning and hence show it to the others.

Everything that you desire to offer to the other people comes from within.

So, finally,

I decided not to get hurt and start practising loving-kindness therapy with myself first.

If I’d be kind and would love myself first then only I’d be capable to give outwardly to the others. Despite feeling hurt, I fold my hands (obviously spiritually and not literally), say thanks to that person who was or is rude through his/her words. I’d like to remind myself every day that I am beautiful and in an ongoing healing journey whilst I turn the subsequent page to move onto the next chapter in my life’s book hoping to show kindness as far and as long as I can in my life.

I would love to hear your stories. Please share your thoughts and feelings in the comment section below.

Thank you so much for your presence here 🙂

A lot more thoughts and words are on their way and you shall read them soon.

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