Stop, Breathe, Smile, Shine, And LOVE!!

There is a visible presence of so much pent-up hatred out there in the world. Just a simple text like “I need to talk”, “Can you call me, I’m feeling low” or “Can I talk to you, it’s important” would sound easy to most of you but being a listening ear to someone who is feeling low can do wonders for that person. All this might be normal for a person who’s mental health is absolutely sound. I didn’t realise the paramount importance of listening to someone could be so helpful until a few days ago.

‘Life’s a journey’…

I have been hearing this all my life, as easy as it may sound but this whole idea is very conflicting. In this time and era, it’s all about the daily Hustle, rat race which all of us are participating in with a fake smile pasted on our faces. All of us are in a hurry to do something important every second, every precious minute and every critical hour each day, to continuously prove our worth that matters to make our name in this fake world to achieve what? Are we content with a masked face living a lie every day pretending to smile?

Have you ever thought to just STOP… BREATHE deeply… SMILE from within that very second and feel lucky to enjoy such a beautiful life to indeed live with our loved ones around…???

Every pair of eyes in this world has that shine either quite visible or hidden behind those miserable times evident of every hurtful experience, that very scar which the outer world is blind to. Every mortal soul is here on the habitable planet Earth on a personal mission to search for the other half part of their soul to express, feel and share every tiny minuscule emotion that they go through. To find a soul mate who loves every scar for they show the struggles that the body-host of the other soul has faced in the past.

My soul is in desperate search of my other-half soul to complete me in a way that I would want to completely capture all sweet but painful memories, moments, experiences, seconds, minutes of sadness, ignored efforts, unspoken sorrows, uncontrollable tears, all of it in a glass canister. Gently take that glass canister somewhere near a water body or a huge ocean to shatter it just beside it in a hope that would wash all the personal grief and gruesome details of his past to be just remembered as a chapter. I would dearly want to hold on to his nervous hand and flip the next page to reveal the next enthralling chapter of our lives, two souls entwined together, for us to live together here on Earth.

I want to LOVE again…!!

I want my eyes to SHINE again…!!

I want to SMILE whole-heartedly again…!!

I want to BREATHE heavily again…!!

I want the time to just STOP again…!!

I want to love my LOVE again…!!

I would love to hear your stories. Please share your thoughts and feelings in the comment section below.

Thank you so much for your presence here 🙂

A lot more thoughts and words are on their way and you shall read them soon.

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