Soulful Love! (Poetry #9)

I’m on the night fringes with my thoughts on patrol.

Some people in my past hauled me to a black hole.

They weren’t even human, just as black as charcoal.

Presently the dreams I see are beyond my control.

Came with burdens heavy, to dry my tears as your hidden goal.

You plucked me out and didn’t put a price tag on my soul.

You quenched my thirst from your love bowl.

Satisfied the burning in my soul.

Your fairy-like face & soul made me loose my self-control.

Hereby I stand with my heart-thief living on his parole.

You are the shining star, marked on my obscure pole.

For every hand in hand wandering thought upon as a whole.

Your divine self accepted me as I am, my wounded body & soul.

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