2049 by Deepak Kaul (Book Review #19)

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Would you genuinely believe if someone informed you that after three decades the human race would go extinct? Would you sincerely believe that this modern world for us to live will come to an end and all you have is present to embrace enthusiastically?

2049, a novella by Deepak Kaul is a work of prose fiction of science genre which will invariably leave you wondering the mere existence of the Human race, is it worthwhile? His written words will prove out to be harsh reality slapped right across your conscience. What did we do? How could we be so selfish? How did we lead the habitable planet Earth to the shackles of Global Warming and the ‘not talked about’ yet upcoming apocalypse?

The author has prominently mentioned the serious problems currently our mother nature is facing and will face if the human race continues acting irresponsibly in the foreseeable future. Problems like the worrying increase in the carbon dioxide emissions every year, the overwhelming increase in the sea levels, extensive deforestation to accommodate the uncontrollable rising population, animal extinction, no energy conservation, depletion of natural resources and landslides due to the melting of ice hence more floods are to come which shall wipe out the whole towns in a huge number.

Although it was a short read of 67 pages but any reader would be amazed to read the considerable amount of factual information the author has carefully written in them. 2049, is a division of one specific problem in direct connection with Global Warming in four chapters. Four chapters, four perspectives but one story of how human race has undoubtedly brought down the times of crisis upon themselves only to serve their selfish uncontrollable desires and wants rather than acting wisely for a collective good towards conserving the natural resources our Mother Nature has to offer. However, amid this COVID-19 pandemic, this book was a scary read. As it is these are the challenging times and to read about more difficult times are yet to come for us (the responsible humans) left me weary & anxious.

However, Deepak Kaul, the author talks about the significant problems in his novella, in my opinion, the book felt a little rushed just to quaintly put the information somehow in the form of words. Perhaps a little more expressed definition to all the four characters might have proved out to be a work of fiction rather than providing a feel of as if I was going through an encyclopaedia.

I would like to give a 3-star rating out of 5 for this book.

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One thought on “2049 by Deepak Kaul (Book Review #19)

  1. Excellent read that combines brevity with depth

    Insightful detailing of the politics and science of climate change

    Outstanding immersion into the emotionally wrenching experience of dystopia

    Crisp and sharply written, keeps one absorbed and engaged into the atmosphere of the period. Where the external landscape is transformed and the irrelevance of all that was essential until recently is exposed

    Its an honest, intelligent, introspective and calm yet searing book, although dealing with the end of all things – it finally dwells on the most universal questions – of mortality and the ability of life to endure despite the cyclic nature of all that we see

    Liked by 1 person

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