One Girl Many Lives by Jimpify Publishing (Book Review #20)


Cover Page of the Paperback Version

As they say ‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the Beholder,’ One Girl Many Lives novel written by five different authors, published by Jimpify Publishing is the perfect example of this quote. Have you ever looked at a picture or a painting and wondered what the story behind it is? Does the picture on a book you pick resonates with the story inside? If you are a person who thinks all these things as I do then you must read this book. It’s a treat for your imagination. 

One Girl Many Lives is the work of written art inspired by one single image of a girl running on the beach but five different perspectives set in varied places and time. Every story is a different version of the creative state of mind of the five authors through the timeline of the years from 1947 to 2135 and spread over different geographical locations. How every human fingerprint is unique, similarly that’s how every story in this book is different from the other, the writing style even more so. 

The first story is set in the time frame of 1947 during the time of India-Pakistan partition. A story of a girl based out of Lahore, how she and her family get affected due to this ruckus created at that point of time. How the emotions were involved in getting parted with the family to save your own life. The first story is the representation of such incidents from the eyes of a young girl.

The second story is of the time of Anti-Tamil riots in Sri Lanka in the year 1983. A story of a native Tamil engineer who had to sacrifice his house, his hard-earned money and savings to protect his wife and daughter. To what extent a situation can challenge a person’s emotional state is the essence of this story. What are the collateral damages of civil war or communal riot? 

While people were enthusiastically awaiting the new millennium, an unexpected problem was to arise in the banking sector across the globe, the Y2K problem. The third story geographically is based in New York, how this problem affects a couple working in the financial sector professionally and privately is the primary storyline. 

The fourth story is of the present times about how a Madrid woman become friends with an Indian man in an ashram later to find out that she’s a princess of the French monarchy and how she is in potential danger from the enemies of the throne. 

The fifth and the final story is a futuristic plot set in the year 2135, a storyline about a family of astronauts in search of liveable planets in the space. How a mother-daughter astronaut duo embarks on a mission to discover life on other planets other than the earth but a mishap changes the entire life of the mother and father scientist. 

The titles of all the five stories are apt graciously according to the storyline and the essence of one picture could be seen if you are read-between-the-lines sort of a reader. My personal favourite being the first and third story, The Lone Flight and Love2K, respectively. A big clap for the efforts of the editor to put together the minds of five people and turn it into an excellent book. If not mentioned beforehand then it would’ve looked like a book of a few short stories carefully written by one author. However, my only qualm being the editing job of the book, a few spelling mistakes could be seen if read closely. Other than that, an exceptional attempt and the idea of deriving inspiration from a particular image is very likeable. 

I would like to give this book a 4-star rating out of 5

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