Random Access Memories by Deepak Kaul (Book Review #21)

Kindle Version of the Book

Random Access Memories, a book by Deepak Kaul consisting of 10 short stories of various genres like science fiction, thriller, mythological, comedy and many more.

The compilation of short stories of the fiction genre is my personal favourite. It demands a compelling narrative. The word limit nudges an author infinitely to write exceptionally whilst conveying the story across in a way that it sways the reader’s mind and touches their heart. In contrast to this, Random Access Memories didn’t consume my heart as it should. The entire book, all the 10 stories, in my opinion, are lacking a heartfelt soul to glue the readers to it. My mind kept on wandering elsewhere except in two stories, ‘Big’ and ‘The Indiscreet Flutes.’

As the famous saying goes “Books don’t change people, paragraphs do and sometimes even sentences”. I didn’t feel this while reading this book. There was no theme of this book, and it seems that these stories were just some random memories narrated in words by the author. The narrative of the stories was easy going and colloquial but somehow whenever I read this author’s work (Fourth book so far), I have a feeling that he has to rush somewhere. His intelligence and vast knowledge about many subjects inclusive of politics, mythology, current affairs, etc are merely thrown in the form of information for the readers to read. Perhaps it was for ‘Write India Campaign (2019-2020)’ run by the Times of India hence the hurry to write by the author.

The writing style, as usual, the author’s signature style, no complaints there, also a remarkable editing job. Another one from the bag of the authors’ short read, a total of 105 pages will get varied reviews from across the globe.

I would like to give a 2-star rating out of 5 for this one.

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