Gangster on the Run by Puja Changoiwala (Book Review #22)


Cover Page of the Paperback Version

No human being is a gangster or a hitman by birth. People, surroundings & circumstances, situations both financial and psychological makes someone become one. Gangster on the run is such book, a beautiful story narration of a man named Rahul Ramakant Jadhav aka ‘Bhiku’ known in the underworld, how from an innocent boy of Dombivali, Mumbai, he became the most wanted gangster of all time.

If this book was only about how quickly he becomes wealthy and famous not by doing good deeds though, it would become monotonous. Every coin has two sides to it, so does this story. The latter part of the book showcases his downfall and how he ends up being a marathoner.

I completely adored the fact, how the author has kept her narration so crisp. It doesn’t feel like that any information is fabricated rather it is thoroughly researched. Being an award-winning journalist and a critically acclaimed crime book author, she has narrated the whole story in a raw and surprisingly attractive format to the reader’s eyes. Even, the cuss words are written in the same manner similar to how they are uttered in India or can be heard in various web series. Furthermore, I appreciate how the book cover is done, very subtle and apt to the content inside. 

However, in my opinion, the pace of the book was a little slow in the middle, perhaps that’s how a non-fiction crime biography is. Not revealing the details further, I heartily recommend any reader to purchase his/her copy of this book to have their own unique experience.

I would like to give a 4-star rating out of 5 for this book.

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