The Emperor: Live the Dream by Ram Joshi (Book Review #24)

Kindle Version of the Book

The Emperor: Live the Dream by Ram Joshi is a story about, Em, the Emperor, a penguin in Antarctica who lost his parents when he was very young. Each day of Em’s life proves out to be a battle to protect himself either from voracious predators or harsh weather conditions. Due to these two reasons many of his fellow ones pass away yearly but young Em dreams to explore the unknown.

Unknown being to reach the top of the mountain. He wants to quench his inquisitive thirst to find out what’s beyond the mountain. The elder penguins of his tribe think and made sure he knows he wouldn’t survive without his tribe. He still wants to explore the unknown to satisfy his soul.

Should he put his dream in the backseat and keep moving on?

At the end of the day, a penguin is a bird who can’t fly.

Will he gather the courage to explore the unknown?


Will he sacrifice his life while trying?

Beginning from the title of the book. In my opinion, it is apt as The Emperor Penguin is a specific type of a penguin species who is the largest of all penguins found in Antarctica. Furthermore, the author, Ram Joshi has chosen to write in an extremely simple language possible to cater to the youthful audience as well. This motivational story is and will be inspirational for children and adults too. All things considered, this book is a metaphorically alluring one filled with sentences that imparts something if you read between the lines.

I would like to give a 4-star rating out of 5 for this one.

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