Jasmine builds on Shifting Sands by Sanjay Desai (Book Review #26)


Cover Page of the Paperback Version

Have you ever left reading the Prologue of the book and jumped straight to the chapters?

Well, if you ask me, I do it quite many times but not this time. As the author, Sanjay Desai rightly mentions in the very beginning that there would be a time for the readers to come back to both Epilogue and Prologue at some point in the reading.

This intriguing storyline starts with Prologue which is a smooth and insightful narrative of the author’s trip to Kedarnath for he seeks some answers. The Q&A style narrative between the author and his spiritual guru, Ma Krishnanandgiri, is swoon-worthy. The learnings one would get by reading the Ma’s direct answers to various fundamental questions asked by the author will remain with you in your heart lifelong. The storyline progresses more significantly with the descriptive narration of the picturesque locations like the Himalayas and River Mandakini moving onto Mumbai, the city of dreams to the backwaters of Kerala.

Jasmine builds on Shifting Sands is a fictional plot of the protagonist, Jasmine who dreams to become a successful model one day in a glamorous yet competitive world of fashion. Jasmine, a confident modern-day girl, excellent scholar, has a social circle which she adores along with her supportive and adorable parents. Her life takes an unbelievable U-turn when she conquers hearts in a fashion show organized by her college. Thereafter approached by a very renowned modelling agent, Sheena Jaiswal allows Jasmine to properly explore the unknown. She’s so fascinated and tremendously excited to work in this glamorous world. How she juggles from being a crowned Miss India to a mere college student is the intriguing part of this storyline.

This book is one of those rarest ones where the cover page is the ordinary one but the content inside for the readers is just the direct opposite. In my opinion, the writing style of the author, the strong narrative, to be very specific is the sole likeable thing about this book. I would not be honest if I prominently mention this book is flawless in terms of proper grammar or the standard language. Furthermore, a unique feature is the QR codes embedded to instantly access the micro-learning resources, an add-on to undoubtedly gain extra knowledge for the readers to indulge in.

I would like to give a 4-star rating out of 5 for this book.

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