When Strangers Meet by K. Hari Kumar (Book Review #27)


Cover Page of the Paperback Version

When I initially read the title of the book then I thought it must be a love story plot of how two strangers met, fell in love to live happily ever after but then I looked at the cover page and I was confused. The cover page of the book had three men standing in attires completely different from one another. I was intrigued to open the book and finish reading it. Although I took my time to complete the reading for reasons not related to the plot or whatsoever, I am glad to have finished this one.

Coming onto the book, When Strangers Meet by K. Hari Kumar is a storyline comprising of three men, Jai Sharma, Krishna Prasad Iyer and Hussain Ansari. The plot written is divided into three parts – The Runaway, Iyer’s Story and Revelations. As it is rightly mentioned on the cover page of the book “Sometimes, all it takes is a stranger’s tale to bring your life back on track” is the essence of this book that is also metaphorically true since the plot’s key events or actions happen on the track, meaning, on the Ghittorni Metro Station.

The portrayal of the father-son relationship in the first part is one of the shocking highlights of the storyline. It started with the problems a typical eighteen-year-old in India faces who has been living with his parents in the same house, the father wants him to become a mathematician and do something fruitful with his life, conversely, he wants to follow his passion to become an animator/actor. Furthermore, the plot comprising Ansari & Iyer’s stories are about one being an optimist who won a lottery and is on the way to claim his prize money. The other is a fascinating character who brings in an incredible twist in the storyline with his tales from South India, especially Chennai.

The author, K. Hari Kumar, in my opinion, has managed to narrate the stories in a simple yet elegant form that could maintain a reader’s attention. However, the usage of slang cuss words isn’t my likeable part of any writing or book. Without those words the storyline would have survived is what I believe.

On the other hand, a reader could make out the proper balance between all the characters, mainly the three wherein each one is given the appropriate spotlight wherever required in the story. The storyline is filled with action-packed entertainment and drama while giving out a meaningful message. I believe the portrayal of the father-son relationship filled with much drama was one of the key highlights of the storyline for me as it was really unexpected.

I would like to give a 4-star rating out of 5 for this book.

PS: The favourite part whenever I receive a review copy is the handwritten note addressed to me by the author and K. Hari Kumar, definitely did make me smile with his.

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