Love Requires Courage (Fable #2)

HE was daydreaming when SHE entered. Irhan as always the first one seated in class, a simple boy from Punjab aspiring to become a Company Secretary, taking coaching in Delhi. He was busy in conversation with his mind making plans about the future when he heard footsteps. Someone was approaching the class; his eyes were …

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To Be Read – An Anthology (Book Review #4)

'REVIEW DID AS PART OF THE BLOGCHATTER BOOK REVIEW PROGRAM' Cover Page of the E-book An anthology of short stories created by Blogchatter is a compilation of 17 short stories of different genres like Contemporary, Drama, Horror, Romance, Sci-Fi, etc.  Highlights include "The Shadow of Someone" by Leha Divakar, an alluring tale of a woman that has …

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Once Upon a Crush By Kiran Manral (Book Review #3)

‘Review did as part of the Blogchatter Book Review Program’ Cover Page of the Paperback Version Once upon a crush as the title itself is evidence of a yet another clichéd lovable romantic tale by Kiran Manral. The book’s storyline resonates with many independent working women living in another city different from their native ones to …

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